What is CAS?
CAPITAL ADVANCE SCHEME (CAS)  is a Merchant Cash Advance ("MCA") provider. The MCA product has benefited businesses and merchants in countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom for more than a decade. CAS is a convenient tool providing businesses, which accept Nets or Credit Card payments, quick access to cash advances. The repayments are automatically made to CAS via deduction of a portion of your Nets or Credit Card sales through your card processing bank. The repayment amount to CAS is pegged to your card sales. Hence, with no fixed monthly repayment amount, the MCA product is extremely flexible as it is aligned to your business’ needs.

Advantages of CAS
-  Receive up to S$1,000,000 in cash
-  Quick access to cash within 3 days
-  No collateral required
-  Simple application process
-  High approval rates
-  No impact on Personal Credit Profile
-  No fixed repayment amount - CAS gets paid when you get paid
-  No fixed repayment term
-  Easy repayment process - more efficient cash flow management
-  No hidden costs
-  Suitable for any types of businesses

How CAS works?
CAS helps you gain access to cash by utilising your future Nets and Credit Card sales. With CAS, you may leverage on your untapped business asset - your future Card sales! CAS pays you upfront for your future Card sales, and receives repayment directly from your card processing bank -  via a fixed portion of your daily Card sales receipts until the amount of the purchased Card sales is fully repaid.

CAS is completely aligned with the success of your business - we only get paid when you get paid!

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