Testimonials from Investors...

Mr. M. C. Su (Entrepreneur), Singapore
“When I look at potential investments, preservation of principal is the most important aspect. That is the primary reason why I invest with Care Capital. I can’t think of a better investment that provides such a high return with so little risk.”

Mr. Frendyono T. (Professional), Indonesia
“Professional can earn a substantial income during their career. After that, you’ve got to be able to rely on how well you make your money work for you. I am really pleased with our CENTILLIUM investment with Care Capital. It performed exactly as promised -- and I am paid on a quarterly basis during the course of my investment period.”

Mdm Wong M. L. (Retiree), Malaysia
“I’ve been retired for so many years and have invested a good portion of my nest egg with Care Capital. The quarterly income has helped to provide the quality of life I was hoping for. Thank you to my agent for introducing me into this investment plan.”

Mr. & Mrs. Tan, Singapore
“We researched very hard to try to invest on my own and the amount of time we spent was beginning to hurt my core business.
So, I have trusted a large portion of my savings with CENTILLIUM Investment Scheme under Care Capital to make it work for me.”

Mr. Ng K. P.  (Manager), Malaysia
"I am fortunate and thankful to be with the financial investment professionals at Care Capital. With their personal involvement they ve proven to be focused on safeguarding my hard earn money and my future.”

Mr. & Mrs. Sun C. N. (Retiree), Taiwan
“Care Capital has assisted us for the past 2 years. We have not hesitated to recommend their services to our relatives and friends. We are truly lucky to have found someone who made financial investments easy without stress."